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 Battery Installation Cautions
Sealed Rechargeable Battery Malaysia
Battery Installation Cautions
  • Use insulated tools.
  • Do not install the battery upside down (the terminals face downwards). POWERBATT batteries are designed to use in any position, but charging in up - side down position should be avoided. Otherwise, leakage of electrolyte from safety valve may occur during excessive charge.
  • Verify whether there is an abnormality on battery vase like crack of leakage.
  • The batteries can be installed in several types such as cabinet, vertical racks, horizontal racks, open racks and ground placement.
  • Space must be provided between each two batteries. It is necessary for each two batteries to have space of no less than 5mm to 10mm.
  • When batteries are used in vibration conditions, they should be mounted in upright position and with proper caution for protecting vibration.
  • Be careful to connect the positive (+) battery terminal to the negative (-) pole of the load / charger. Wrong connection will result in explosion, fire or damage of the charger / loading equipment and batteries.
  • Pay attention to high voltage when a large number of batteries are connected in series. Be sure to wear rubber gloves before installation or maintenance.
  • Avoid mixed usage of batteries differing in capacity, type, manufacturers or history of use charge or discharge) which may damage the batteries or the equipment due to the difference in characteristics value.
  • Do not soldier directly on to the terminals of the SLA battery. Doing so, can cause the battery's internal fluid to leak.
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Sealed Rechargeable Battery Malaysia
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Sealed Rechargeable Battery Malaysia
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