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Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Malaysia
Battery Life
SLA battery has a finite life. The battery develops electrode deterioration after extended use. When the service is reached, the capacity cannot be recovered by charging. The following factors are mainly responsible in shortening of the service life the battery.

1) Discharge Depth
Reoccurence of discharge with a large discharge quantity, that is, deep discharge decrease the cycle life.

2) Discurrent Current Magnitude
After reoccurence of small discharge, a very huge discharge current will shorten the cycle.

3) Charge Current Magnitude
Extremely huge charge current produces gas in a quantity exceeding the absorption rate of the battery. This will cause internal pressure to rise and gas is expelled by the valve. As a result, the electrolyte decreases and becomes empty.

4) Ambient Temperature
High ambient temperature expedite deterioration of battery components.
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Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Malaysia Chart 1 shows the relation between the discharge depth and number of cycle servicing. As the discharge depth increases during servicing, the number of service cycles decrease. To maximize battery life, please recharge the battery after discharge as soon as possible.
Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Malaysia Chart 2 shows the battery capacity and trickle (or float) charge service life. The dotted portion indicates the range of the service life characteristics. The higher the temperature is, the shorter the battery life will be. If the battery temperature remains at an extended period of time, the expected life is reduced by 50% for each 8°C to 10°C of constant temperature 20°C.
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Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Malaysia
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Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Malaysia
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