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 Battery Warning
Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery Malaysia
Battery Warning
  • Do not place batteries in high humidity or moist environment. Doing so can cause the battery's terminal to corrode, and/or cause electrical shock, fire and etc.
  • Do match the polarity of the charger with battery to avoid damage to battery and charger. Wrong connection of the polarity may cause fire.
  • Do use dedicated charger that are designed for the battery. Different charging characteristics may lead to leakage, generation of excessive heat or explosion.
  • Do perform inspection on all intercell and intertier connections. With regularly scheduled inspections, detection of weak of bad battery cells, allowing timely replacement, eliminates the risk of system downtime.
  • Do not connect SLA battery directly to a power supply socket, an automobile's cigrette lighter and etc...without using a charger as a medium. Connecting the battery directly can cause it to leak fluid, generate heat, explode, or cause fires, burn injuries and etc...
  • Do not incinerate or do not heat up the batteries. They may burst if thrown into fire.
  • Do not destroy, modify or disassemble the battery. Doing so can cause fluid leakage, heat generation and explosion.
  • The performance of the SLA battery may not be compatible with certain equipment. Any uncertainty about the specifications of the battery should be brough to attention to our company.
  • Do not touch battery terminals at the same time wit bare hands to prevent shock. Wear rubber glove when connection batteries.
  • Do remove personal items (such as watches, necklaces, bracelests and rings) when handling with batteries. A short circuit through one of the the metal item can cause burn injuries.
Rechargeable Maintenance Free VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery Malaysia
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Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery Malaysia
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