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 Battery Technical Characteristics
High Capacity Battery Malaysia
Battery Life
SLA battery has a finite life. The battery develops electrode deterioration after extended use. When the service is reached, the capacity cannot be recovered by charging. The following factors are mainly responsible in shortening of the service life the battery.

1) Discharge Depth
Reoccurence of discharge with a large discharge quantity, that is, deep discharge decrease the cycle life.

2) Discurrent Current Magnitude
After reoccurence of small discharge, a very huge discharge current will shorten the cycle.

3) Charge Current Magnitude
Extremely huge charge current produces gas in a quantity exceeding the absorption rate of the battery. This will cause internal pressure to rise and gas is expelled by the valve. As a result, the electrolyte decreases and becomes empty.

4) Ambient Temperature
High ambient temperature expedite deterioration of battery components.
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High Capacity Battery Malaysia Chart 1 shows the relation between the discharge depth and number of cycle servicing. As the discharge depth increases during servicing, the number of service cycles decrease. To maximize battery life, please recharge the battery after discharge as soon as possible.
High Capacity Battery Malaysia Chart 2 shows the battery capacity and trickle (or float) charge service life. The dotted portion indicates the range of the service life characteristics. The higher the temperature is, the shorter the battery life will be. If the battery temperature remains at an extended period of time, the expected life is reduced by 50% for each 8°C to 10°C of constant temperature 20°C.
Battery Self Discharge
The ideal storage temperature is 20°C. The self discharge rate has great relations to the ambient temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the less the residual capacity after storage for specific periods will be.
High Capacity Battery Malaysia Chart 3 self discharge rate is very much dependent on the storage temperature. Low temperatures allow the battery to stored for longer periods. POWERBATT SLA battery offers longer extended storage than coventional batteries. When the charged battery is left standing for an extended period of time, its capacity progessively reduce and enters to discharged rate. The battery exhausts the stored electric energy without releasing it releasing it effectually to the circuits.
Battery Supplementary Charge
It is recognised that POWERBATT SLA battery battery has excellent charge retention characteristics. This is because their self discharge rate is low and is typically less than 3% per month at 25°C. Although the self - discharge rate is low, specific precautions must be taken to the battery against self - discharge. The residual capacity can be judged by testing the open voltage of a battery, from which we can decide if the battery needs to supplementary charged or not.
Table 1: Supplementary Charge Guideline
Voltage / Cell Capacity
2.14 100%
2.10 80%
2.07 60%
2.04 40%
2.00 205
Battery Overdischarge
1) Compared to the alkaline battery, the sealed lead acid battery is very sensitive to overdischarge. And overdischarge results in failure to recover normal capacity, reduced capacity or shortened service life. Overdischarge also occurs by leaving the battery in a discharge state. POWERBATT sealed lead acid maintenance free battery overcome this. If this POWERBATT is overdischarged and left standing in a discharged stated for several days, it can recover its original capacity when charged.

2) The original capacity can be recovered after two or three overdischarges or leaving the battery in discharged rate. Beyond this limit, the battery may not recover to its original capacity

Battery Discharging
After discharge, the battery should be recharged timely to avoid sulphide, which causes adverse influence to the internal structure of battery and reduce the capacity. To obtain maximum life, take attention to recharge the battery promptly after discharging. Never store them in a discharge rate.
High Capacity Battery Malaysia Chart 4 shows the different discharging current corresponding discharging capacity at 25°C. The discharging capacity of battery depends on the discharge rate being used and ambient temperature. It shows that the rated capacity of a battery is reduced when it is discharged at a value of current that exceeds its 10-hours rate or 20-hours rate. The higher discharge current is, the shorter the discharge time will be.
High Capacity Battery Malaysia Chart 5 shows the effects of different temperature in relation to battery capacity. The battery capacity is affected by ambient temperature. When temperature arises, electrochemical activity in a battery increases and then discharging capacity will be increased. Vice versa, when temperature falls, electrochemical activity in a battery decreases; the discharging capacity will be less. Temperature must be taken into capacity design calculations in applications where the operating temperature of the system is below 20°C.
The final discharging voltage is the battery terminal voltage in close circuit voltage per cell to which a battery discharging safely and maximize battery life. The higher discharging current is the lower cut - off discharging voltage of battery will be. The battery should never be discharged to less than predetermined. Otherwise, overdischarge may result. Repeated overdischarge may cause failure to recover capacity even by charging.
Table 2: Final Discharging Voltage Guideline
High Capacity Battery Malaysia
Battery Charging
Correct charging is one of the most important factors to consider when using SLA battery. Battery performance and service life will be directly affected by the charging methods:
1) Constant voltage charging
2) Constant current charging
3) Two steps constant voltage charging
1) Constant Voltage Charging
This is the recommended method of charging SLA battery. It is necessary to closely control the actual voltage to ensure that it is with the limits advised. The Table 3 shows the charge voltage and maximum charge current. It is suggested that the initial current be set within 0.3CApms. The charge current is initial large and decreases towards the end of charging. It is necessary to set the charge voltage according to battery charging and temperature characteristics. Inaccurate voltage causes overcharge and undercharge.
Table 3: Charge Voltage and maximum charge current
High Capacity Battery
It is necessary to ensure that the voltage is correctly. The charging voltage set too high will increase the corrosion of the positive plates causing loss of capacity and ultimately shorten the life of the battery.
Chart 6 & Chart 7 indicate the time taken to fully charge the battery. It is also seen that the charging current is decreased approx. 0.5-5mA/Ah under charging voltage 2.30vpc, and 3-10mA/Ah under charging voltage 2.40vpc when the battery is fully charge at 25°C.
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High Capacity Battery Malaysia
2) Constant Current Charging
This method consists of charging the battery with constant current. This method of charging is generally not recommended for SLA battery. It is necessary to understand that if the batteries are not removed from charger as soon as possible after reaching a state of full charge. Considerable damage will occur to the batteries due to overcharging. An expensive circuit is necessary to obtain a highly accurate constant current. Consequently, this charger is rarely used for general purpose.
3) Two Steps Constant Voltage Charging
When the charge is nearly complete and the battery voltage has risen to a specified value, a switching point is used to switch the set voltage to a lower charge. This method enables fast charging during cycle service, without the possibility of overcharge even after long extended charge. This method also allows fast charge in standby use. Also, the battery is protected from overcharge by switching over to float charge at the switching point.
Rechargeable Maintenance Free VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
High Capacity Battery Malaysia
Rechargeable Maintenance Free VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
High Capacity Battery Malaysia
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